Social Analytics

A CCES project at the intersection of Social Networks, Transportation, and Urban Systems

Racial equity and data science

SSRC Director Fotini Christia introduces a new MIT-wide effort to address systemic racism with social science and computation, launched by IDSS.

Mobility patterns influence how we experience income segregation in our cities

Economic segregation isn't just limited to neighborhoods; it's part of the places you visit every day. In a world of increasing urbanization, migration, and mobility, cities are becoming the epicenter of social life. Diverse populations and social cohesion are crucial for sustainable urban development, but cities face rising segregation and...

New Publication in Nature Offers Suggested Approach to Safely Reopening

A new article published August 5 in Nature Human Behaviour integrates anonymized real-time mobility data with census and demographic data to model COVID-19 transmission in the Boston area. The authors, including Esteban Moro, Visiting Professor in the Media Lab and IDSS, and Professor Sandy Pentland of MIT’s Connection Science Group,...