About SSRC

We create new ways of thinking about complex problems.

The MIT Sociotechnical Systems Research Center (SSRC) is an interdisciplinary research center that focuses on the study of high-impact, complex, sociotechnical systems that shape our world. SSRC brings together faculty, researchers, students and staff from across MIT to study and seek solutions to complex societal challenges that span healthcare, energy, infrastructure networks, environment and international development. Our mission is to develop collaborative, holistic and systems-based approaches that combine knowledge and expertise from engineering and social sciences. 

We primarily work with faculty affiliated with the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS), but welcome working with faculty and researchers from across the Institute.

What We Do

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Fostering Collaboration

Connecting interdisciplinary faculty, researchers and students across MIT departments, labs, institutes and centers.

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Creating Connections

Joining MIT researchers with domestic and international partners that include government, industry, foundations and non-profits.

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Grant Management

Overseeing the full grant life cycle from pre-award to closeout. Includes HR, fiscal forecasting, visa applications, space, reporting and more.

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MIT Community

Supporting faculty, staff, postdocs and students to better navigate resources and processes.

Creating new ways to tackle complex, global problems.