Center for Complex Engineering Systems

The Center for Complex Engineering Systems (CCES) is a world-class international research program that strives to uncover fundamental principles and develop new methods and tools such that complex, highly integrated systems can be modeled, designed, and managed more effectively and sustainably.

CCES aims to seed a new generation of internationally experienced scholars and to excite and inspire a new generation of researchers and engineers to pursue complex systems as a research direction. In the spirit of cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration, one of the hallmarks of our research approach is to embrace intellectual risk, and to tackle issues that appear, at least in part, to be non-quantifiable, vague, overly complex or even unsolvable. 
Dorothy Hanna
Program Manager, CCES

Research Areas

line drawing of the cross section of a brain when looking from the top with a square with the letters "AI" in the middle of it

Artificial Intelligence

line drawing of a computer microchip - a box with four lines coming out of each side and a smaller box in the center with the bottom right corner angled


line drawing of a magnifying glass with ones and zeroes inside of it

Data Science

line drawing of two arrows pointing in different directions with a magnifying glass looking at the tail end of one of them

Info & Decision

line drawing of a head in profile with a microchip overlaying the brain area of the head

Machine Learning

line drawing of a cloud in the top of the image with three lines coming down out of it going to line drawings of a phone, laptop, and tablet

Systems & Networking

Impact Areas

line drawing of three blades of wheat rising up out of the ground, indicated by horizontal lines across the bottom


line drawing of a wind turbine with three blades that spin from a central point on a tall pole, with circular lines between the blades indicating the turbine in moving


line drawing of three intersecting circles, one with a dollar symbol, one with a euro symbol, one with a bitcoin symbol


line drawing of an airplane taking off with a line below it indicating the runway


line drawing of three people figures (one top center, one bottom left, and one bottom right) with a circle in the center between them and lines connecting each figure to the center circle

Social Networks

Urban Systems

Leadership Team

Kamal Youcef-Toumi

Prof. Kamal Youcef-Toumi

Co-Director, MIT

Dr. Abdulelah Habib

Co-Director, KACST