Inclusive research for social change

The MIT Student Research Program pairs underrepresented students with opportunities to examine inequity through the IDSS Initiative for Combatting Systemic Racism. At MIT, visiting undergraduate students Megan Li (left) and Mia Hines worked on projects aimed at using big data and computational tools to create impactful changes toward racial equity....

Using social media to raise awareness of women’s resources

(Image: iStock) The Covid-19 pandemic created a global increase in domestic violence against women. Now, an MIT-led experiment designed with that fact in mind shows that some forms of social media can increase awareness among women about where to find resources and support for addressing domestic violence. The randomized experiment,...

Connection Science Research in the News

In the paper "Behavioral changes during the COVID-19 pandemic decreased income diversity of urban encounters" Connection Science researchers used mobility data gathered across four major U.S. cities — Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle — to find the diversity of urban encounters diminished significantly during the pandemic. Read coverage in...

Richard Braatz to lead a new center for continuous mRNA manufacturing

A pilot-scale system, enabled by an $82 million award from the FDA, aims to accelerate the development and production of mRNA technologies. The engineering challenges will be tackled by researchers at MIT as well as collaborators at Penn State University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The business value of curated model collections

Model-based practices are now a staple in product design and engineering workflows, models are seldom managed as an enterprise collection, limiting their value, according to Donna Rhodes, a principal research scientist.

Kindness Goes Viral

Steve Hartman of CBS News visits MechE and IDSS Professor Anette ‘Peko’ Hosoi to explore the science behind whether a single act of kindness can change the world.