The business value of curated model collections

Model-based practices are now a staple in product design and engineering workflows, models are seldom managed as an enterprise collection, limiting their value, according to Donna Rhodes, a principal research scientist.

Kindness Goes Viral

Steve Hartman of CBS News visits MechE and IDSS Professor Anette ‘Peko’ Hosoi to explore the science behind whether a single act of kindness can change the world.

Simulating discrimination in virtual reality

Researchers designed and developed a virtual reality role-playing game called "On the Plane," which simulates in-group/out-group biases and enables players to engage in perspective-taking.

Unlocking the Power of Cellphone-Generated Mobility Data to Benefit Neighborhoods

Prof. Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland and Research Scientist Esteban Moro engage in collaborative effort with scientists from Northeastern funded by the National Science Foundation. The team will build a public mobility data platform for the Boston area that will help neighborhoods and communities use cellphone-generated data to address issues of social...

New leadership at MIT’s Center for Biomedical Innovation

Stacy Springs named executive director; Richard Braatz is associate faculty director of CBI. The center’s collaborative research model accelerates innovation in biotechnology and biomedical research, drawing on the expertise of faculty and researchers in MIT’s schools of Engineering and Science, the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing, and the MIT Sloan...

Introducing Data Nation

IDSS Faculty and industry experts unpack how data can be used to lead, mislead, manipulate, and inform the public’s viewpoints and decisions. In Data Nation, the podcast produced in collaboration with Voxtopica, our faculty engages in conversations with industry experts on how to find solutions for these problems.

Technology Roadmapping and Development by Olivier L. De Weck

Prof de Weck's new textbook explains Technology Roadmapping, in both its development and practice, and illustrates the underlying theory of, and empirical evidence for, technologic evolution over time afforded by this strategy.  Prof de Weck gives a complete review of the principles, methods, and tools of technology management for organizations...