Center for Constructive Communication

Designing tools, methods and systems that connect rather than divide us to create a healthier society.

Creating more trusted, effective paths for communication across divides requires technologists and humanists working together to research, design, build and test new solutions. Organized as two connected sub-groups – a lab to conduct exploratory research and a workshop to build and support advanced prototypes – the Center works with external collaborators to pilot these systems in the field (see below for more detail). Additionally, an important aspect of the new Center is its commitment to reach beyond academia to work closely with experienced, locally based organizations and trusted influencers across the country. These collaborations will be critical for launching pilot programs to evaluate which tools offer the greatest potential to create more trusted communication within our deeply fragmented society.

Research Areas

Artificial Intelligence

Data Science

Info & Decision

Institutional Behavior

Machine Learning

Systems Innovation

Systems & Networking

Impact Areas

Big Data

Social Networks

Leadership Team

Deb Roy - a medium brown skinned man with short black hair grey at the temples wearing a black polo Tshirt, his arms crossed, looking at the camera with a subtle smile

Deb Roy

Professor of Media Arts and Sciences

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