Camera Culture Group

The Camera Culture Group focuses on making the invisible visible—inside our bodies, around us, and beyond—for health, work, and connection.

The goal is to create an entirely new class of computational and sensory platforms that have an understanding of the world that far exceeds human ability and produce meaningful abstractions that are well within human comprehensibility.

The group conducts multi-disciplinary research in physical (e.g., sensors, health-tech), digital (e.g., automating machine learning), and global (e.g., geomaps, autonomous mobility) domains. Recent projects include cameras to see around corners beyond the line of sight, health diagnostics devices that are being used in 90+ countries, and distributed computing for population health via automated and privacy-aware machine learning.

The group is proud of instigating several large research initiatives to tackle UN’s sustainable development goals.

Camera Culture Group Logo - a black square with a large, square-cornered, white C with a smaller, square-cornered C within it; with the words Camera Culture Group in black to the right of it


Ramesh Raskar


Research Areas

line drawing of a computer microchip - a box with four lines coming out of each side and a smaller box in the center with the bottom right corner angled


line drawing of a head in profile with a microchip overlaying the brain area of the head

Machine Learning

Impact Areas

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Big Data

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Healthcare / Medicine

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Social Networks

Leadership Team

Ramesh Raskar - a medium brown skinned man with short black hair wearing a dark blue button down business shirt, looking at the camera and smiling

Ramesh Raskar

Associate Professor, Media Lab