Black Lives Matter

Dear members of the IDSS community,

The violent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Tony McDade have caused an outpouring of grief and entirely justified anger around the US, and even the world. These deaths add immeasurable weight to the structural racism that already presses upon Black people everywhere — even as the unevenly distributed health and economic outcomes of the Covid-19 pandemic further highlight the systemic inequities that all communities of color face.

In this deeply troubled moment, we join with President Reif in asserting a few fundamental truths: first and foremost that Black lives matter, and that the humanity of people of color is violated in our nation every day.

We were grateful for the opportunity to join together, even distantly, with the MIT community at the recent vigil, and to hear inspiring words from MIT students, faculty, and staff. We encourage you to watch the recording if you were not able to attend, and to take full advantage of all the resources available to the MIT community. We must stand together, and we must take care of ourselves and each other.

At IDSS we strive to build a diverse community, one that not only includes, but empowers people from a broad range of cultures, backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. This diversity is vital to our mission to tackle major societal challenges. We want every member of this community to know unequivocally where we stand, and to feel included and supported.

We encourage your feedback and dialogue. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us to share your perspective and ideas.

Thank you for the great spirit of open-mindedness and passionate social responsibility that you all show every day. Please take care, and be in touch.

Munther Dahleh
Director, IDSS

Alberto Abadie
Associate Director, IDSS

Stephen Graves
Graduate Officer, IDSS

Ali Jadbabaie
Associate Director, IDSS; Program Chair, SES

Noelle Selin
Director, TPP

Devavrat Shah
Director, SDSC

John Tsitsiklis
Associate Director, IDSS; Director, LIDS