Admin Guide

SSRC Site Admin Guide

Last updated August 2020

Below are key aspects of this site. See the full PDF version of the admin guide for more details.

Theme | Colors | Fonts | Image Sizing | Unique Content Items | Plugins


Marshall v. 1.0.0 by WordPress*

Purchased from Template Monster on April 17, 2019

Order confirmation code: mIyjcTc7P0QzejYnXSw0

*important – this theme is created and sold by two different developers on the same site, the instance used for this site is the one created by WordPress


Site background: #FFFFFF

Main menu / text headers: #3D3F41

Menu selected / hover & links / buttons: #4373B6

Body text: #858686

Panel backgrounds:

  • Light blue: #F3F7FB
  • Med. blue: #66AED2
  • Light grey: #F1F1F1
  • Gradient (blue to green): #4373B6 to #34b669
  • Gradient (aqua blue): #7FCFEE to #D8F0FA
  • Gradient (olive green): #DAE240 to #EBF0AB
  • Footer: #2A2B2C


Montserrat, sans serif

Header 1: 48px

Header 2: 40px
(special H2 for the link boxes: 28px**)

Header 3: 40px

Header 4: 24px

Body Text:  16px

Image Sizing


  • Hero slider images:  2000 x 900px/ 150 dpi
  • Programs / Research / People columns: 370 x 250px
  • News and Member Icons (see below)


  • Logos for Programs Page – 370 x 198px
  • Logos for Program Details Page – 300 x 161px
  • Project Images – 300 x 200px

Research Icons – 50 x 50px

People Headshots – 250 x 250px

News Featured Image – minimum 1050 x 550px

All images should be resized correctly before upload.

Unique Content Items

Homepage Hero Piece – this is built using the Smart Slider plugin.
To add the slider to the site, a shortcode for the desired slider has to be added to the homepage using the WPBakery PageBuilder interface.

To do this:

  1. To get the shortcode:
    Go into the Smart Slider Dashboard (from the admin menu on the left) and click Edit on the slider you want to add to a page:
    On the first screen you arrive at (General) – select / copy the shortcode from the Publish box:
  2. Navigate to the homepage and enter Edit mode.
  3. Expand the WPBakery Page Builder editor area:
  4. Hover over the text area and then click the pencil over paper icon in the green box that appears:
  5. Scroll to the top of the text and paste the shortcode directly in front of all the other text/content.
  6. Click the blue “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the editing box.
  7. On the right, click “Preview Changes” to be sure all appears correctly.
  8. Return to the admin page and click “Publish” when it all feels ready.

IMPORTANT: Any time you edit other areas of the homepage using Power Builder modules, this shortcode code gets removed from the page. So, when doing other edits, you will need to save/publish those changes, then come back in to edit the page again and add follow this process to add the shortcode back in, and save again.


The following are the plugins currently active on the site and their purpose / function on the site. Details for each and links to their developer sites are available from Plugins >Installed Plugins.

The Marshall theme was built using Cherry Framework and uses Power Builder as a page building tool.

Cherry Live Demo Mods Switcher Part of the Cherry Framework used by the Marshall Theme.
Cherry Sidebars Part of the Cherry Framework used by the Marshall Theme for sidebar creation.
Classic Editor The classic WordPress editor interface.
Contact Form 7 Contact form plugin used for the contact page.
Duplicate Page Gives the ability to duplicate a page from the Pages section to make creating a new page faster and easier.
Epic News Elements Advanced news display plugin added to the site for the Phase 2 news page.
Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights Connects the site to Google Analytics and provides dashboard functionality for quick views of key site usage data.
Intense A shortcode plugin that enables a large variety of widgets, custom post types, snippets, icons, and more. Used for the drop down menu on the People page that lets visitors jump to a section on the page.
Modern Events Calendar Lite Event calendar plugin used for upcoming events.
Page Links To Allows page s and posts to link to off-site URLs. Used for news items that link directly to an external source.
Page scroll to id Creates anchor tags which are used on the People page to enable the drop down menu jump down the page.
PHP Compatibility Checker Enables a PHP compatibility check when trying to ensure new plugins or code won’t create a PHP error or exception.
Power Builder Drag ‘n drop page building tool that comes with the Marshall theme.
Redirection Enables admin access to set up 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors.
Responsive Tabs Creates tabs that can be used for content display that are responsive.
Smart Slider &
Smart Slider Pro
Advanced image /video slider plugin used for the homepage hero piece.
Simple SEO An SEO management tool that provides quick SEO field access and management.
Widget Importer & Exporter Widget import/export tool that enables bringing in – and sharing out -widgets from other developers or sites.
WP File Manager A file manager tool that lets admins access and manage site files directly.
WPBakery Page Builder Advanced page building tool added to the site to support integration of plugins and modules that didn’t come with the Marshall theme.



The following are plugins on the site, but which are currently deactivated.

Easy Twitter Feed Widget Enables embedding a Twitter feed onto a page.
Hide My Site A plugin to block public access to the site with a PW protected page.
WordPress Importer Tool Used on installation of the theme, this enables the import of posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags and more from a WordPress export file.