With the advent of cloud computing and heightened global connectivity, electronic security has never been a more pressing issue for institutions, companies, and individuals. Intruders are becoming increasingly savvy and discover new ways to break in through the Internet.

The Design and Implementation of Negative Authentication Systems project addresses a need in cybersecurity to reduce cyber attacks. Researchers at the Geospatial Data Center (GDC) have introduced a new layer of protection to enhance existing security measures within networks. This allows the current infrastructure to remain intact without accessing the stored passwords or creating additional vulnerabilities. By applying a real–valued negative selection algorithm, an additional plane is added for password verification, creating an authentication layer and preventing unauthorized users from gaining network access.

Authentication systems identify and verify incoming requests and compare them to a set of unique stored identifiers. This robust solution has the potential to produce game–changing technology to protect cyberspace and critical information infrastructures from security breaches.

Principal Investigators

John Williams
Abel Sanchez