The MIT Consortium for Engineering Program Excellence (CEPE) supports lean thinking within large-scale engineering programs by integrating program management, systems engineering, product development, and systems engineering approaches.


  • Help organizations achieve competitive advantage by systematically improving the performance of their engineering programs
  • Provide thought leadership
  • Develop practical tools that facilitate the performance improvement of engineering programs

CEPE focuses on

  • Integrating the key knowledge areas of program management, systems engineering and product development, lean thinking, and organizational change
  • Focusing management activities to create a respectful environment for knowledge work, increase effectiveness by clearly defining stakeholder value, and maximizie efficiency through the elimination of waste
  • Defining the root causes of engineering program challenges; clarifying improvement needs; and identifying, developing, and describing drivers of top engineering program performance
  • Helping our members to identify and create best practices and make them practices in their engineering programs to consistently achieve world-class cost, schedule, and technical performance
  • Creating a vibrant community of leading organizations and experts in the fields of program management, systems engineering, and lean thinking to facilitate experience exchange and community learning
  • Supporting key decision makers in government and industry to eliminate barriers to widespread use of best practices


Warren Seering
Weber-Shaughness Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems
Co-Director, System Design and Management Program

Eric Rebentisch
Research Associate
MIT Consortium for Engineering Program Excellence