Ford Motor Company has been a unique innovator since it introduced the Model A in 1903. Today Ford continues to innovate by partnering with MIT researchers to advance automotive technologies that make both cars and driver experiences better and safer.

The Ford-MIT Alliance is MIT’s longest running large-scale industry alliance, and Ford and MIT collaborate on a broad range of technical, business, and policy work on the future of transportation. The collaboration focuses on emerging environmental and design challenges within the automotive industry and applies MIT expertise to emerging industry needs. Past projects have lead to improvements in safety, vehicle autonomy, enterprise modeling, energy storage, and powertrain efficiency.

Ford and MIT collaborate on a broad range of technical, business, and policy topics focused on the future of transportation including:

  • Vehicle Autonomy
  • Active safety
  • Materials Science
  • Energy Storage
  • Powertrain Efficiency
  • Enterprise Modeling
  • Health and Wellness

The research projects are also linked with recruiting and with MIT's conferences and professional educational programs.


The Alliance has identified the following areas for future work. 

  • Mobility 2025+
  • Vehicle electrification
  • Vehicle connectivity
  • Vehicle light-weighting
  • Active safety technology
  • Powertrain fuel efficiency technologies
  • Business analytics and enterprise modeling
  • In-vehicle health and wellness

MIT-Ford Alliance Video



Jonathan How
Director, Ford–MIT Alliance
Richard Cockburn MacLaurin Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics