The Center for Complex Engineering Systems (CCES) is a world-class international research program that strives to uncover fundamental principles and to develop new methods and tools such that complex, highly integrated systems can be modeled, designed, and managed more effectively than is possible today.

CCES aims to seed a new generation of internationally experienced scholars and to excite and inspire a new generation of researchers and engineers in pursuing complex systems as a research direction. In the spirit of cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration, one of the hallmarks of our research approach is to embrace intellectual risk, and to attempt to tackle issues that appear, at least in part, to be nonquantifiable, vague, overly complex or even unsolvable. Our scholars and researchers work diligently and creatively to solve previously intractable engineering systems problems by integrating approaches based on engineering, computation, and the social sciences, using new framing and modeling methodologies.

One of CCES’s overarching applied goals is to help position Saudi Arabia as a new leader in systems thinking and to assist it in tackling its society’s challenges. Our research strikes the balance of facilitating the beneficial application of systems principles and properties, while ensuring that these solutions are sustainable in terms of social equity, economic development, and environmental impact.


Kamal Youcef-Toumi

Co-Director of Center for Clean Water and Clean Energy at MIT and KFUPM



Katherine Paras

Program Manager, CCES