The Center for Biomedical Innovation (CBI) improves global health by overcoming obstacles to the development and implementation of biomedical innovation. CBI provides a safe and transparent environment for collaborative research among industry, academia, and government, and draws on the expertise of the MIT’s Schools of Engineering Science and Management as well as the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST).

In this unique setting, CBI is addressing profound challenges in the global biomedical industry by developing, testing, and disseminating new knowledge and tools designed for real–world application through the following research programs:

  1. Biomanufacturing Research Program (BioMAN)
  2. The Consortium on Adventitious Agent Contamination in Biomanufacturing (CAACB)
  3. New Drug Development Paradigms (NEWDIGS)
  4. Sanofi Biomedical Innovation Award Program (saBIP)

In 2010 Sanofi and CBI established a strategic alliance to advance basic and applied research and scientific exchange around human health issues. Sanofi sponsors projects in translational biomedical research to deepen therapeutic, diagnostic, and prognostic research to improve human health

Read more about the Sanofi Biomedical Innovation Award Program (saBIP).


Gigi Hirsch
Center for Biomedical Innovation
Executive Director
Program Director, NEWDIGS

Stacy Springs
Center for Biomedical Innovation
Executive Director, BioMAN
Executive Director, CAACB
Director, MIT–Sanofi Alliance

Anthony Sinskey
Faculty Director, Center for Biomedical Innovation
Professor of Microbiology & Engineering Systems
Professor of Health Sciences and Technology