Jennifer Green

Research Scientist, USAID CITE
Sociotechnical Systems Research Center

Jennifer Green is a research scientist in the Engineering Systems Division at MIT and the project manager for sustainability with the Comprehensive Initiative for Technology Evaluation (CITE), a five-year partnership between MIT and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). She holds degrees in aerospace engineering (Virginia Tech, 1986) and humanitarian logistics and management (University of Lugano in Switzerland, 2011). Prior to joining MIT, Jennifer was a humanitarian logistics specialist at Oxfam America, where she was responsible for defining and implementing global logistics and procurement procedures and working with regional staff and partners to coordinate the logistics response during emergencies. Prior to Oxfam, Jennifer worked for five years consulting with NASA JSC as the supportability lead for the Lunar Surface Systems program, two years serving in the Peace Corps in West Africa, and 12 years at Boeing/McDonnell Douglas where she provided engineering analysis and integrated logistics support to numerous NASA and commercial space programs.

Research Interests: 

Humanitarian Logistics in Slow-Onset Disasters

Logistics and Supportability Requirements for Space Exploration Missions

Resource Management for Long-Term Sustainable Operations

Urban Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in Developing Countries


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