News: April 9, 2014

Designing for a Dynamic World

SEAri researchers Donna Rhodes and Adam Ross presented a recently completed four-year project on systems of systems architecting with ilities. Systems engineering increasingly requires methods and technologies to anticipate and react to possible futures and unknowns. It is important to use a combination of prescriptive, normative, and descriptive methods to develop design principles for well-defined ilities. SEARi used a systematic approach to design robust and evolvable systems of systems, and the project led to several publications, paper awards, theses, and new analysis techniques.

The presentation slide deck is available below:

News: April 7, 2014

The Chief Data Officer Role in the Era of Big Data

The chief data officer (CDO) is continuing to emerge as a critical executive role. MIT Information Quality Director Richard Wang explained how the CDO role has evolved with big data and where the role fits on the organizational chart (Dice, 04/07/14). “Even though we have a CIO, and the CIO would often like to do the job, they often run out of bandwidth,” said Wang. At any given time, CDOs serve as coordinators, reporters, architects, ambassadors, analysts, marketers, developers, and experimenters. They help organizations harness the power of enterprise data and assure the quality of the information being captured and used.

News: April 3, 2014

Diversity in Global STEM Innovation

Dr. Pamela Bush discussed the importance of incorporating diversity in STEM education and innovation during an event (4/3/14) co-sponsored by the Center for Engineering Systems Fundamentals (CESF), the Technology and Policy Program (TPP), and SSRC. She emphasized the need for minorities, and especially women, to be part of the innovation process and a presence in STEM education and careers. Dr. Bush explained how to integrate diversity at national, organizational, and individual levels to achieve optimal outcomes for the next generation of global innovators.

A video recording of the presentation is below: