News: May 8, 2014

TRF Awards Prof. Joseph Sussman Distinguished Researcher Award

Prof. Joseph Sussman has received the Transportation Research Forum’s (TRF) Distinguished Researcher Award. Prof. Sussman, JR East Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Systems, is the 30th recipient of the award, which recognizes transportation research scholars. Prior honorees include Nobel laureate William Vickrey, deregulation proponent Alfred Kahn, and transportation economics expert John Meyer. Past MIT recipients include William Harris, Alan Altshuler, and Carl Martland.


News: April 30, 2014

Study Reveals Potential Memory-Based PTSD Treatment

MIT neuroscientists recently found that limiting a particular protein in the brain can modify or even extinguish well-established traumatic memories in mice. In a recent SSRC seminar, Li-Huei Tsai, director of the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, explained how the protein histone deacetylase 2 (HDAC2) uniquely regulates memory formation in the brain and how a reduction of this protein results in enhanced learning and neural plasticity.


News: April 16, 2014

Dynamic Policy Modeling To Improve Health System Performance

ReThink Health Director Bobby Milstein introduced the ReThink Health Dynamics model in a recent SSRC seminar. This tool helps communities of leaders identify health care priorities and model different scenarios for sustainable financing and long-term financial impact. Understanding how a health system is structured, how and when it changes (or resists change), where the greatest leverage is, and the trade-offs involved can help catalyze effective action within local health systems.

The presentation slide deck is available below: